A take on the case of Elliot Rodger

The killing spree happened at Santa Barbara a few days ago is tragic. I came across the articles while I was surfing through my fancy Flipboard. After reading the details of the heartbreaking incident and some critical opinions towards the 22-year-old murderer, I started digging a bit deeper. I looked up his profile on Facebook.

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Is this what I was aiming for?

About 4 days ago, I received a good news. A great one, to be precise. I was chosen by my commanders to go to Australia to enroll in a Master Degree program. They allowed me to select from a list of universities available in the sponsorship arrangements, providing that I continue to study my major from undergraduate school. Since I’ve had a Bachelor in International Relations, it’s obvious that I’ll choose the Master of International Studies program.

That’s why I’m struggling to (1) prepare for the IELTS test and (2) revise whatever I’ve learned during my college years in English. You see, as I’ve never studied abroad before, academic writing and reading in English is quite a foreign concept. Moreover, I haven’t used much English for the past two years thanks to my job and my laziness, which has tremendously affected my ability to write and speak fluently. Thus, (1) and (2) have never been more challenging.

Nevertheless, I’m worrying about something else.

Well, quite a few things actually…

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